New Date & Location for Summer Concert!

Due to a two week cold, I had to reschedule my concert June 10th. Below is the new date and location. I hope you can make it! 

An die Musik: A Concert by Joannah Lodico

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Creative 360 presents Mezzo-soprano, Joannah Lodico, as she returns to offer her third concert. Enjoy this summer afternoon concert at Midland Reformed Church, as she sings some of her favorite art songs and operatic arias and pays homage to music. Repertoire will feature songs by J. S. Bach, Franz Liszt, George Frideric Handel, and more. With special guest Kelley Gray. Accompanist: Sara Taylor

Sunday, July 15 / 2:30 – 3:30 pm / $12 pre-paid, $15 at the door Tickets can be purchased at

New Location! - Midland Reformed Church 1100 N Saginaw Rd, Midland, MI 48640


Hello, My name is Joannah Lodico...

Hello, my name is Joannah Lodico, and I believe that music and the performing arts transform people’s lives. And because of this belief, I have pursued the arts, as a singer and art administrator. My mission is to not only express myself through music, but work behind-the-scenes to bring music and the arts to all people for the opportunity for transformation. Everything I have pursued, educationally and professionally, has led to this mission.


I have had a love of music and the arts since a young age. In high school my own life was transformed through the power of music which got me through difficult times. Because of this passion and experience, I pursued my undergraduate degree in music, focused on vocal performance, and minored in history.

I became fascinated with the intricate details of composer’s lives; what influenced their music personally and culturally. Over time I came to realize that I not only enjoyed studying the history of all genres and styles of music, but also the history of all forms of artistic expression, especially in cultures.

I believe God is the ultimate artist. We are His art and an expression of His image. We are creative and artistic like our creator. We are relational beings. Through the arts we communicate to God and to each other. The arts are venues where we come face to face with ourselves, express our souls, and can experience transformation.


After graduating from college, I realized that I wanted to work in an artistic environment where I could help further the arts and bring about opportunity for transformation. I pursued my master of arts in art administration from the University of Michigan – Flint. I completed two internships, one with International Arts Movement (IAM) in New York City, founded by the contemporary artist, Makoto Fujimura; and the other with the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Department of Performing Arts that presents classical and world music, dance, and other contemporary performances.

I believe an art administrator’s mission is to fully understand and execute the business and administrative side of the arts so as to create an environment of open and nurtured conversation and authentic artistic expression which creates opportunity for personal transformation through the arts. I have continued to gain knowledge and experience through various educational and professional pursuits. I started my own publishing company after I wrote and recorded a song for a friend’s indie film. I produced two of my own vocal concerts, a local Shakespeare company’s first production, and have booked various musical artists to perform in my home and at the art organization I currently work at as an office manager. Two of the artists I booked I met through the Arts Midwest Conference. I recently completed the Certified Performing Arts Executive Program for Presenters, Agents, and Artists' Managers provided through NAPAMA (which I am a member) and the University of New Orleans.

I am someone who constantly wants to learn, reflect, and creatively implement what I take in and process personally and professionally. When I am moved and excited about something, I make it happen. I enjoy discovering music and performers, both timeless and new, and sharing what I find with those around me. This is why I want to be a music/performing arts presenter and singer. I am excited for what the future holds and am ready for new and creative ventures where I can create opportunity for transformation.

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Oedipus The King Opens February 16th!

I can't believe we open this Friday! You do not want to miss Oedipus The King at the Midland Center for the Arts! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a masterpiece Greek tragedy by the great Sophocles, in the round, with masks, and RARELY performed on stage. 
I have been blessed to act in many plays in my life, but this one has a special place in my heart. The cast and crew - we are phenomenal - I am so honored to be a part of this experience. The translation by Nicholas Rudall is rich! We spent a month delving into the text. Certain lines or words would reveal themselves to us and blow us away every time we read through the script. We also worked in rasaboxes to strengthen communicating different emotions with our bodies. Oedipus is a tragedy, yes, but it also has a deeper message of seeking the truth, no matter what the outcome. 
Check out the videos below. I, along with other cast mates and our amazing director Annette Thornton, talk about the show:

I hope you can join us this weekend or next! You can purchase your tickets at Midland Center for the Arts website. See you there!

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What are some of your favorite covers and arrangements of songs?

As a classically trained singer, I am no stranger to singing other people’s compositions. I enjoy researching the history and studying the performance of a musical work. Coming up with your own interpretation or arrangement of an original piece can be just as exhilarating as writing your own song.

Thanks to Sarah Brightman and other singers, I’ve enjoyed discovering beautiful songs and then going on a hunt for the originals. When discovering original compositions and there cover versions by other artist, you can discover some fun surprises. Sometimes, polar opposites!

For example,

Voyage, Voyage, originally by Desireless in 1986, and then you have Gregorian’s cover in 2001.

On the top of the old volcanos
Slipping of the wings under the carpets of the wind
Travel travel, eternally
Clouds in the marsh
The wind of Spain in rain of Equator
Travel travel, flight in the heights
Above the capitals
Fatal ideas
Look at the ocean

Travel travel
Further that night and the day
In an unbelievable space of the love
Travel travel
On holly water of an Indian river
And do never return

On Ganges or the Amazonas
At the whites, at the sikhs, at the yellows
Travel travel, in all the kingdom
On the dunes of the Sahara
Fiji islands in Fujihama
Travel travel, you’re not bounded
With above of the barbeles
Hearts bombard
Look at the ocean

travel , travel …
— Voyage, Voyage Lyrics

totally different feel, right!?

I believe talent goes farther than writing or performing music.  It also takes talent to arrange and produce music. As the above example demonstrates, one song can be arranged and produced in so many different ways, creating different feelings and sounds from one song. It can make or break a song too. Sometimes for a song’s true worth to emerge OR to have a different voice emerge from the wood work, a little tweaking or different stylistic arrangement needs to happen. What are some of your favorite originals and covers, and why? 


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Loreena McKennitt: A Year Ago Today...


A year ago today, my friend Angie and I got to see Loreena McKennitt in concert. This was my second time seeing her live, the first being back in 2007 while in college and studying vocal performance. Loreena has been one of my favorites since I was in high school. Her voice was so unique to me the first time I heard it – it was nothing like I had heard before. Her beautiful and raw covers of traditional music, and even her own compositions just captivated me. I love songs that tell stories and express our rich history as humans. But at the same time, her music takes us to another world, full of contemplation. The concert was peaceful - just a trio instead of the full band. When she started to play her famous arrangement of The Lady of Shallot, it was a magical moment. I sang a few of her traditional Christmas arrangements for the Winter Light concert I produced this past winter and also sang her own composition, Snow (No one, not even myself, can do it better than her). She will always be an inspiration to me and I thank her for that. 

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