Ludovico Einaudi in Concert

I had the honor and pleasure of seeing Ludovico Einaudi perform live this past October at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Ludovico is a minimalist pianist and contemporary classical composer whose music transports you to another world, and showers you with peace, strength, and rest.

I was inspired by Ludovico and the calm power of his music to bring us into his realm. Sitting front row, Ludovico came out and began to play immediately with five other musicians. There was no intermission and Ludovico had us captivated for two hours. In the middle of the concert he played the piano solo for about twenty minutes. Afterward, he turned and acknowledged our presence - all our faces beaming. Falling asleep at his concert, I think, would be a complement. The third half of the concert, after his piano solo, he and the band woke up our souls and led us to the conclusion. Ludovico and his fellow musicians bowed and applauded us back at the end.


Ludovico, a short, youthful 61-year-old Italian man, wearing all black with colorful sneakers, played as one with his music. His expressions, the touch of the keys, were all done with intimacy and genuine artistic expression; holding his hands in a prayer after several songs completed, and raising his hand in the air and pointing to the heavens after the final encore piece.

He is a true, humble, musical genius – true to himself. May he continue to calm our hearts and souls with the notes he writes down.