Winter Light Concert Video Now Available

Hi there,

I am excited and humbled to share with you the video of my Winter Light Concert that happened this past January. 

Winter can be a beautiful, but a rough time of year for many of us. It ended up being that for my family. Five days before my concert my 90-year-old grandma passed away. As you can see, I went ahead with the concert, despite her passing, and staving a cold. But I did this concert because I wanted to present music that would bring some light to people’s dreary days. The songs I selected celebrate and meditate on the winter months along with their old and new traditions, and allow for us to take the time to pause and reflect as the snow falls, as we are curled up inside our homes, warm and cozy. May one or all of these songs bring a little light to your wintery days now and in the coming years. 

I want to thank so many people, who I could not have done this without them: 

Val Lemon,,  for your friendship and support over the years. We finally get to perform together for a full concert!

Julie Meyer, amazing vocal teacher

 Natalie Lodico Bond:

Phil Walenga:

Dan Tuma Media:

Creative 360 Family:

Midland Reformed Church:

Mike Mullis, Timbrel and Harp Productions

My parents for the food, love & support

Sarah Smith - my sanity! 

The rest of my family and friends! Thank you for your love and support and for being at my concert!