Washington DC

The beginning of April I spent some time in Washington DC with my mother, aunts, and cousins. What a great trip! I loved the reminder of our nation’s history, the good, the bad, and  amazing men who have sacrificed and brought us through so many trying times in this country’s history.

The words of wisdom that came from our past leaders, still ring true today for our nation and the many issues we are still dealing with. These men, who were not perfect, had character, sacrificed, and served this country.

We covered a lot of ground in four days.

We learned about the history of the Smithsonian. (https://www.si.edu/About/History) Thanks to James Smithson, an illegitimate son of a wealthy Englishman. We took a ride on the Merry-Go-Round on the National Mall that was a part of profound history in our country. The day Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech, 11-month old Sharon Langley became the first African-American child to ride the carousel. (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/entertainment-july-dec13-carousel_08-26/)

It was overwhelming, but profound to walk through The National Portrait Gallery and to skim the surface of the history and stories behind each face painted. You could spend hours in that place learning about each person.

It was a lovely surprise seeing my favorite Dewing painting and a collection of his work. I really like all of Dewing’s paintings. I look forward to seeing more of his work in person in the future.

We ate at some amazing restaurants – DC has great food!

We visited Arlington Cemetery – wow, what a reality check of seeing all those lives sacrificed for freedom, truth, justice, and peace. The over arching theme of all these men, women, and leaders is peace. We all just want freedom and peace and have had to fight and sacrifice for it. Arlington was amazing and emotional - so much history and sacrifice.

I am hoping to take the time to study and read more about some great men in our history. General Lee, who led the confederate side during the Civil War, really was an amazing individual who just wanted peace. Lincoln, Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., Jefferson - all these men. We always need good men and women in the White House, Senate, House, and Supreme Court who are servants to this country.

The majestic Lincoln Memorial – what a great honor.

The Vietnam, Korean, WWI and WWII – all amazing and touching memorials.

Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

We were there during the Cherry Blossom festival and got to see the kites flying around the Washington monument – delightful.

Sunday we attend church at St. Dominic Catholic Church were President Johnson would go and meditate during his term – beautiful.

We saw the White House and walked around the tidal basin. Most of the Cherry Blossoms had blown away, but some held on for us and were gorgeous.

The Jefferson and Roosevelt memorial are amazing and what powerful messags displayed that will always ring true.

If our whole country and our leaders spent time reflecting on these words. It would help us, remind us of our countries foundation, and probably change our tune on some issues today.


We had a short tour of the capital building. It was a good review and I learned some new knowledge about the House and Senate. Our country has changed over time. Culture has changed over time.

We saw the Supreme Court where so much controversy has resided over the years.  What a majestic building covered in white marble inside and out. It looks like some interesting trials are coming up. ;)

Our last stop was the Botanical Gardens – lovely and covered in Orchids. They also had a section on medicinal plants and herbs, Mediterranean plants, diet, and food – very cool. I want to study all this and more! I am curious.

I had an amazing, peaceful, and knowledgeable trip. I will continue enjoying the history of this country in Colonial Williamsburg next month - one of my favorite places!