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Yo-Yo Ma & J. S. Bach


It rained earlier that day, cleansing the earth, or should I say, preparing the earth for our evening activities. It was my first time at the Blossom Music Center in Ohio, and the first time to, finally, see Yo-Yo Ma in concert. J. S. Bach was there too, through the music, as Yo-Yo Ma performed all six Bach Cello Suites for two and a half hours. The stage was huge for one man and his musical companion, but Yo-Yo Ma took charge and owned it. He walked out on stage to rapturous applause. Even before the crowed settled in, Bach’s famous Prelude in G Major echoed throughout the pavilion and out to the grassy lawn to over 5,000 listening ears in the pavilion and probably over 5,000 more in the lawn area behind us (Blossom can fit up to 20,000 people).  About 15 minutes into the first suite, a bird began to compete with Yo-Yo and Bach for attention. He must have realized his song did not fit with the virtuoso work of Yo-Yo and Bach together and soon settled in to listen along with us.  As the night progressed and the sun went down, the crickets came out to add their own soothing commentary.

Yo-Yo Ma knows all six suites by heart and these cello suites have brought him through troubled times, giving him, “sustenance, comfort, and joy during times of stress, celebration, and loss.” Yo- Yo Ma felt the music and mirrored the music’s expression through his facial gestures and movement. It was a delight to watch him up close on the screens provided. 

In the program Yo-Yo Ma states, “I share this music, which has helped shape the evolution of my life, with the hope that it might spark a conversation about how culture can be a source of the solutions we need. It is one more experiment, this time in search for answers to the question: What can we do together, that we cannot do alone? I invite you to join me on this adventure, to listen and be inspired by helpers in your own life.”

Throughout the evening I felt alert and at the same time, such peace. A night I will never forget.

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You can listen to the Bach Suites by Yo-Yo Ma on Spotify. His new recording of the Bach: Cello Suites comes out this Friday, August 17.

Loreena McKennitt: A Year Ago Today...


A year ago today, my friend Angie and I got to see Loreena McKennitt in concert. This was my second time seeing her live, the first being back in 2007 while in college and studying vocal performance. Loreena has been one of my favorites since I was in high school. Her voice was so unique to me the first time I heard it – it was nothing like I had heard before. Her beautiful and raw covers of traditional music, and even her own compositions just captivated me. I love songs that tell stories and express our rich history as humans. But at the same time, her music takes us to another world, full of contemplation. The concert was peaceful - just a trio instead of the full band. When she started to play her famous arrangement of The Lady of Shallot, it was a magical moment. I sang a few of her traditional Christmas arrangements for the Winter Light concert I produced this past winter and also sang her own composition, Snow (No one, not even myself, can do it better than her). She will always be an inspiration to me and I thank her for that. 

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Winter Light Concert Video Now Available

Hi there,

I am excited and humbled to share with you the video of my Winter Light Concert that happened this past January. 

Winter can be a beautiful, but a rough time of year for many of us. It ended up being that for my family. Five days before my concert my 90-year-old grandma passed away. As you can see, I went ahead with the concert, despite her passing, and staving a cold. But I did this concert because I wanted to present music that would bring some light to people’s dreary days. The songs I selected celebrate and meditate on the winter months along with their old and new traditions, and allow for us to take the time to pause and reflect as the snow falls, as we are curled up inside our homes, warm and cozy. May one or all of these songs bring a little light to your wintery days now and in the coming years. 

I want to thank so many people, who I could not have done this without them: 

Val Lemon,,  for your friendship and support over the years. We finally get to perform together for a full concert!

Julie Meyer, amazing vocal teacher

 Natalie Lodico Bond:

Phil Walenga:

Dan Tuma Media:

Creative 360 Family:

Midland Reformed Church:

Mike Mullis, Timbrel and Harp Productions

My parents for the food, love & support

Sarah Smith - my sanity! 

The rest of my family and friends! Thank you for your love and support and for being at my concert! 

Ludovico Einaudi in Concert

I had the honor and pleasure of seeing Ludovico Einaudi perform live this past October at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto. Ludovico is a minimalist pianist and contemporary classical composer whose music transports you to another world, and showers you with peace, strength, and rest.

I was inspired by Ludovico and the calm power of his music to bring us into his realm. Sitting front row, Ludovico came out and began to play immediately with five other musicians. There was no intermission and Ludovico had us captivated for two hours. In the middle of the concert he played the piano solo for about twenty minutes. Afterward, he turned and acknowledged our presence - all our faces beaming. Falling asleep at his concert, I think, would be a complement. The third half of the concert, after his piano solo, he and the band woke up our souls and led us to the conclusion. Ludovico and his fellow musicians bowed and applauded us back at the end.


Ludovico, a short, youthful 61-year-old Italian man, wearing all black with colorful sneakers, played as one with his music. His expressions, the touch of the keys, were all done with intimacy and genuine artistic expression; holding his hands in a prayer after several songs completed, and raising his hand in the air and pointing to the heavens after the final encore piece.

He is a true, humble, musical genius – true to himself. May he continue to calm our hearts and souls with the notes he writes down.

Joy Ike House Concert

I presented a House Concert last Saturday, and what a lovely afternoon. So intimate, relaxing, and inspiring. I hosted Joy Ike, a true artist and musician who writes, plays, and sings from the heart. It was a wonderful reminder of the power of music and sharing with others our human experiences - good, bad, and humorous.

Joy’s lyrics are down-to-earth. She is able to use to-the-point words and sentence structures that tap into ones emotions and take you beyond. You are able to grasp the emotion and story she is telling so clearly.

And you said, “Don’t ever die. You don’t fit in, but neither do I.
Don’t you pretend that nobody cares. This is me here.
You don’t fit in but neither do I. That brings me joy and life.
Joy and life”
— From Don’t Ever Die from the album All or Nothing, 2013
Joy Ike

Joy Ike

Me and Joy after her concert

Me and Joy after her concert

Joy Ike during House Concert

Joy Ike during House Concert

Her lyrics are beautifully supported by her piano (or ukulele) arrangements – opening phrases immersing the listener into the song and setting the tone for her lyrics. She also gave a new dimension to her songs by opening many of her songs with a story of what influenced their birth.

We had 12 people attend, which was just enough and created an atmosphere of inclusion and connection. As Joy states, she prefers house concerts because you are not performing at people, but connecting with people through her music. Creating connection is what it’s all about, and is exactly what Joy did. Check her out at and schedule a house concert with her! You will not regret it.